Thursday, September 20, 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire, Mama!

This beautiful lady was born 84 years ago today.  My dad has the privilege of calling her his beloved wife, my sister and I are privileged to call her mama, and her 6 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren call her gramma or memaw.  She is the most important woman in my life...the one who has always been there for me, the one who will always be there until she draws her last breath.  She is one of our most faithful prayer warriors and cheerleaders.  I thank the Lord for her every day of my life!

When I was growing up, she was a kindergarten teacher...a really GREAT kindergarten teacher.  She taught in the days when there were 30 or 40 in class and teachers knew how to maintain order.

She had to put up with a lot with me for a daughter, because I was always up to something, and always needing repairs and prayers.  I think I was responsible for her premature gray hair!  More than once, she threatened to knock my kneecaps off!  Which of course she never did! 

I have so many memories of her...some make me laugh, some leave me in I will just tell a few!

Mama played basketball in high school and her team went to state championships more than once.  She was really good, even when we were teens.  I can still see her on Friday nights shooting hoops with the teens (she and my dad were the youth directors at church) and she could give those guys a run for their money!

When Daddy decided to go to Bible college when she was 35, she was right there with him.  She left a beautiful, large house in Miami and moved into a tiny...really tiny (but very cute) little house in Missouri.  She left friends, family, house, and financial security to follow the Lord with my dad.  And it wasn't easy!  We ate a lot of potato soup, and she even tried to cook some venison we were given, but not knowing anything about wild meat, none of us could stand the smell or even get it down!

I remember the first year in Springfield.  I had always been very short, until that first summer there.  I grew 7 inches and with no money for new clothes, that was a worrisome thing.  Mama came up with a solution.  Straight dresses were coming in, so she took apart her full skirted dresses and made us clothes.  She hated sewing, but she put herself to the task so we would have things.

We had a black walnut tree at that house.  Being southerners, we knew about pecans, but no one told us husking black walnuts would stain your hands a very ICKY color!  But we sure had fun doing that together.

There are so many stories, but the thing I want to say about my mom is that she was always, always an example to us.  She is a lady, she is kind, she was always kept a great mother, and most of all she showed us what a Godly woman really is.  I have loved her every day of my life, and I will love her every remaining day of my life.  She is a gem, a treasure!  She is what I someday hope to be!
I love you, Mama!  Happy 84 years young! 


  1. I have the feeling you already are! Happy birthday to your Mama!!

  2. I agree with Fishducky. Happy birthday to your sweet mom & today the 21st is my Aunt Katie's 104th Birthday.

  3. Thanks to both of you...but I am just a shadow of what my mama is...

  4. You may have given her premature greys but you turned out to be a fantastic mom too. Love you both very much