Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If I Were in Charge

We live in a topsy turvy world.  It is twisted when illegal aliens are now to be called undocumented immigrants.  I have a question.  What would happen if I decided to just drive without a license and called myself an undocumented driver?  Same principle, sure wouldn't fly in a court of law!
Nowadays, people who get arrested and go to jail get a roof over their heads, 3 meals a day, color TV in their cells, computers, libraries, free medical care, ping pong tables, basketball courts...all paid for by "we the people"!  If I were running things, it would go like this:  Prisoners would have a 40 hour work week.  They would be out farming...growing their own food, the surplus to be sold in farmer's markets to offset prison costs.  The fact they raised their own food would also offset prison costs.  If they plowed, planted and harvested, slopped hogs, milked cows, cleaned out barns and stables, butchered their own food...think of the savings?  Plus, once they learned how to actually work and earn an honest living, maybe it would change some of them and we would have less returnees into the prison system.  Hard work would also tire them to the point there might be less fighting energy. 
I would also have some of them out doing roadwork.  If they did a lot of the roadwork, that, too, would save taxpayer money.  There are many things they could work at that would give them busy hands and job skills for their after prison life.  I grew up with the idea that people who learn to work and work hard have less time for getting in trouble.  Most career criminals are what they are because they want to get a fast buck without having to actually do hard work to get it.  Then they go into a system that supplies them everything for a minimal amount of labor invested.
Welfare would NOT be given to every person who cries poor.  People who are healthy and capable of working would be required to do "public community" jobs...keeping parks mowed and gardened, picking up litter from the grounds...they would be street cleaners, public day care workers, road workers, hospital volunteers, school playground attendants, school crossing guards...and the list goes on.  Again, this would save taxpayer money, because instead of getting handouts free (that is costing working taxpayers money) they would be useful and they would begin to have some self esteem.  I know, I know...I hear some saying that would put others out of could be done auxillary fashion, helping hands style.  I just can't see people sitting back, arms crossed waiting for others to work to pay the taxes that pay for the benefits they get for sitting back doing nothing!  So many places, like rescue missions, public health clinics, etc., need volunteers.  Welfare people are so often helped by these agencies, so it would only be fair for them to give of their time to return what has been lavished on them!  Life is about working.  One must work if he is to eat is a Biblical principle.  It makes sense. 
The irresponsible attitude out there today is astounding.  There is no accountability for misdeeds.  Punishment is no longer politically correct.  We live in a society filled with compensation instead of accountability.  A recent experience showed just how things have changed.  I was in a first class hospital in the maternity ward.  Almost every mom in there was unwed, and a good many were in the USA illegally.  They were in private rooms, had a 10 page menu from which they could choose what they wanted at any given hour of the day until the kitchen closed at night.  They had color, cable TV, their rooms were decorated in solid oak furniture and were equipped with sofas that made into beds (for visitors that needed to stay the night), and recliners.  They were served, one time during their stay, a beautiful, candle light dinner for 2 with the person of their choice.  All their pre-natal visits, and their hospital stays were covered completely.  Get the picture?
Now, when my first baby was coming, my husband worked a job, but we had no insurance (he had worked a union job but a mass employee lay-off lost him the job and the insurance we had) so we had to go to a "public health" clinic.  It was NOT free.  We paid a reduced rate in proportion to our need.  Everyone paid something.  There were no frills.  I didn't even get an epidural (and I survived 35 hours of hard labor with nothing for pain until the actual birth, when I was given a saddle block) and we were 4 to a room, a shared, black and white TV and no remote.  All but one, of the 4 in my room, were married, all were legal US citizens.  No one complained.  We were grateful to even get a break.  Now, in this day and age, I saw the bills from a 48 hour stay (which were copies of what had been sent to the gov't.) Just the ones I saw were over $10,000.  I was shocked!  Sad to say, several of the mom's I saw were on second and third babies, the mom's were still illegal and they were still getting everything paid.  This makes no sense!  Solution...well anyone can make a mistake once, but I don't think they should be treated to 4 star hospital stays, and I don't think they should get to do it a second or third, etc., time for free, either.  
I hear "affordable health care" coming out of so many mouths and yet, one of the reasons for the high cost of health care is our own human greed.  Doctors and hospitals cover themselves by charging phenomenal prices because they must pay huge insurance fees to cover lawsuits over every little thing people choose to blame them for.  YES...there are some legitimate cases of error, but these cases should NOT be tried by a jury of people who know nothing about medical care and are swayed by lawyers...either way...  I think a state medical board, people who KNOW medicine, have studied medicine, should weigh the evidence in the balance and lever a fair settlement.  The "something for nothing" mentality is destroying society.
This is the present mentality.  Someone I love was refused treatment because she didn't have insurance and couldn't pay the money up front.  She was told that were she single and pregnant  or a single parent, well then she could be treated.  So...what is this telling people? get the picture.  Free rides have never, never benefitted society.  They have only created a "gimme" mentality, which has spread worse than any contagious disease in the history of mankind.
My solution...if you want to eat, WORK! 
So there you are..agree or not...but what is happening today is NOT working, and it looks like we will be sinking even deeper in the coming years.  It is time for all of us to get back to using our grey cells instead of letting the media plant ideas in our minds.  We need to weigh the pros and cons.  And I WILL say it...we need to see what God says!  He has always had the right solutions!
Okay...the end!