Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Until We Meet Again


Today I woke up to some news that demanded me to write.  Someone we love very much went home to be with the Lord.  Though we know it isn't "good-bye", we know that one day...hopefully soon...we will see him in Glory, it wasn't easy to know that the sweet times here on earth are done.  So this post is just going to be memories of a great man, Dr. T.A. Chick.
Bro. Chick, as we all called him, was quite a character!  He was a wise, compassionate pastor and a loving family man.  He also loved his "extended" family...by this I mean the dear people he pastored and all the missionaries his church supported. 
My children met Bro. Chick at an early age when he brought a group over from his church on a mission trip.  They loved him instantly!
One of the great memories we have of him was the time he had a group over here and we had been going through real ministry struggles.  We were discouraged and I guess it showed.  He said "Kids, our church is going to pray for you every Sunday at 11 AM for one year."  And you know what?  They did!  What a change it made in our lives and our ministry.  It was by far the most blessed year we ever had.
Another time, our heat/hot water system went out on us and it was the middle of the month.  We had no money...period!  We were down to no food, no money for gas, and credit cards didn't exist in France at that time.  We did what we always do...we prayed and left it in God's hands, though I have to admit, we were pretty downhearted.  As we sat on the edge of the bed, holding hands and praying, the phone rang.  Don picked up the phone and it was Bro. Chick.  He said, "Hey, Don!  How are y'all doing?"  Don replied, "Okay."  Bro. Chick said, "No, you're not!  See, since I got up this morning, God put you on my heart, and I've been praying.  So tell me what is wrong and how much it will take to fix it!"  You see...he was that kind of man.  So in touch with the Lord.
When our daughter, Lyndee, became diabetic at the age of 13, he and Mrs. Chick bought her special shoes, because she has a very narrow foot and it is very important for diabetics to take care of their feet.
When he would bring a group over, he would take us on "vacation" with them.  In those days, it was the only vacations we ever had.  Our children all have such special memories of every visit.
One of my funniest memories of him was the time we were in the States and we went to be in their church and spend a few days visiting with them.  I was pregnant with our baby girl, Kelsey, but we hadn't told him yet.  We got out at the church and went in.  He kept looking at me oddly (I had always been thin up till then), and finally he just shook his head and said" I gotta ask!"  Don and I just laughed and said" Yes!  We are having a baby!"  I think he thought we were crazy because we had teenagers already, but he ended up loving that baby girl, and she loved him, too!  He and Mrs. Chick were her "other grandparents".
The last time I saw him, we sat and talked about our "almost there" experiences.  Both of us had been virtually on death's door, and both of us had had that same peace and contentment of knowing God was with us.  We both agreed that since that time we had a "homesick" feeling.  I know he is up there singing and praising and whole and perfect!  He is having the best time ever!  So we won't say "good-bye"...just..."until we meet again"!  We love you, Bro. Chick, and I'm jealous you beat me there!


  1. I've missed your posts. He sounds like a wonderful person--we should all be so fortunate as to have a Bro. Chick in our lives!!

    1. He was, Fran! A truly great, loving man! Thanks for "missing" me, friend! It has been kind of crazy lately. So haven't been much on being creative! Gotta get back on here just to stay in touch!